This projector is less than $60!

Install this projector in your living room to enjoy your movies and series in peace and on a big screen with the Cdiscount promotion.

For only 59,99 euros, you can buy this projector Apeman on Cdiscount and make a saving of 50 euros in passing. For more facilities, know that you can pay in several times without expenses from 15 euros per month. The reviews are unanimous and give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Take advantage of it while it’s still in stock to treat yourself and discover another way to enjoy your content. With friends or family, gather around the projected screen for a home cinema session. Moments of conviviality and relaxation guaranteed. You can add a warranty for breakage and failure for more security. Use this mini projector at any time to entertain yourself and immerse yourself in the images.

Video projector in promotion : take advantage of the offer available on Cdiscount

This video projector in promotion at the price of 59.99 euros with a discount of 50 euros at Cdiscount has a tripod for a projection on the wall or ceiling. It has a powerful ventilation system that extends the life of the bulb to 60,000 hours or 10 years of use and reduces noise. Its image is perfectly clear and will be all the more majestic in a dark environment. Pull back the curtains, sit back on the couch and fire up your projector to create a home theater experience. The ideal distance between the projector and the wall is 1.5 to 2 meters. Then you just have to orient the device to adjust the height of the image and its format. With it, you can project and view images and videos from 36 inches to 150 inches. In addition, it comes with a storage bag for easy transport and a screen if needed.

The Apeman video projector for 59.99 euros instead of 109.99 euros on Cdiscount

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